Month: July 2019

Compensation for default: banks like to calculate wrongly

If a borrower terminates a loan prematurely, banks may be charged a precautionary allowance. According to the Manager Masasuki, this default payment is in many cases overstated because banks calculate incorrectly. Banks often do not take this into account if the loan agreement provides for the possibility of free special repayments. As a result, the Read More

Loan Competitor Experiences – small loan?

Loan competitor has mainly experience with providing large loans. In this way you can borrow up to 100,000 usd from this lender. Yet this credit institution also has solutions for the mini-loan. Where most providers almost stop, the offer from this credit institution starts: from 500 usd. Knowing more? Read our Loan competitor experiences. Loan Read More

How to win the lottery, is there a formula? microcredits and personal loans

What would you do if you hit the lottery? We all dream of earning a good sum of money that allows us to fulfill some of those dreams that only money can grant: a trip, a house or starting a business, for example. But unfortunately there is no magic formula to get rich. Many people Read More